Wines from the Land of the Imperials

Innovation, Tradition, Selection

Innovation is the spirit that leads our work with a look at the future, Tradition is our main ingredient, that keeps us linked to our origins. Selection is the philosophy that makes us choose our raw material accurately.

We have been taking care of our vineyards for three generations in order to turn the grapes we pick into the best wines we can find on our tables and yours.

Simple origins, genuine and authentic products of Salento: local vines, grown according to our tradition.

The first person who loved his land and grew the first grapevines was granpa Angelo. He passed down his passion and dedication to his son, Giuseppe. In 1991 he took over his father’s vineyards and added 30 more hectares of vineyards in the countryside of Francavilla Fontana, known as the “Land of the Imperials“.

tre generazioni schiena

The Story

After the immediate success of the first wines he wished to invest in production, widening the wine offer and grapes variety.

Today the company produces both red and white wines. Negroamaro, Primitivo and Susumaniello grapes make red wines with a remarkable structure and aromatic complexity. Malvasia Bianca, Minutolo and Fiano grapes, on the other hand, make white wines with a distinct freshness and minerality.

In 2013 Giuseppe’s son, Angelo, joined the company. Since then, he has been working with his father and the company has started to break into international markets, taking part in trade fairs and wine competitions, gaining success and big results throughout the years.

Now you can find their wines even beyond the Italian borders: more and more people abroad appreciate and recognize the quality and the features typical of the brand Schiena.

Giuseppe Schiena
lavoro nei campi

The Philosophy

The secret that led Schiena Vini to this success is just the combination of Tradition and Innovation: old growing techniques have been recovered and combined with the most innovative transformation techniques; only the best grapes are selected and only a limited quantity of sulphur dioxide is used in the cellar.

Perfect and fragrant grapes are a must for high quality wines. This is the reason why our company puts the utmost care and attention into the management of the vineyards.

Three generations have been working hard to guarantee the best ingredients for a high quality wine. Schiena’s estate works almost 365 days a year using eyes, hands, mind and heart. This extreme devotion makes it possible to obtain healthy fragrant grapes without using chemicals. Harvesting is held only and rigorously by hand.

Choosing to set up a family run business guarantees our utmost care and attention to the quality and authenticity of the products. This choice aims at making every client feel in the front line, ready to enjoy an accurate and customised service.

The Territory

The vineyards are located in the countryside of Francavilla Fontana, in the North of Salento. The territory includes the southern part of Murge upland and reaches the Salento borders and Itria Valley.

The soils are medium-textured lime rich soils, with some emerging rocks; the area benefits from an ideal microclimate for the development of highly coloured and perfumed grapes.

We are in the Trulli area, where the intense sun warms and concentrates the fruit’s flavour, whilst the nights provide cool and delicate fragrances.


Our Lines and Wines


Innovation is the line of Schiena wines that describes our wish to look at the future, to grow and improve ourselves every day, bringing innovation even in a sip of wine.
A genuine and pleasant wine, easy to drink and appreciated by both young and mature consumers and also by wine experts.

albachiara malvasia bianca


Malvasia Bianca
Salento IGP
tre compari primitivo

Tre Compari

Salento IGP
enneoro negroamaro


Salento IGP

Li Briganti

Li Briganti” is the line that represents the union of innovation and tradition. The past, rich of knowledge, wisdom and culture meets the present, looking at the future. We rediscovered ancient, forgotten vines and we brought them back, enhancing them through state of the art farming and transformation techniques. The result is a unique, prestigious and unforgettable wine.

li briganti minutolo

Li Briganti

Salento IGP
li briganti malvasia nera

Li Briganti

Malvasia Nera
Salento IGP
li briganti susumaniello

Li Briganti

Puglia IGP


Tradition is the line of Schiena wines that wants to talk about our origins, through a glass of wine.
We come from a land rich in history and culture, marked by ancient people over the centuries.
You can experience these unforgettable marks every time you taste our wines. Their aroma, colours and harmony make you smell, see and feel all of them.

il castellano fiano

Il Castellano

Puglia IGP
dama negroamaro rosato


Negroamaro Rosato
Salento IGP
impero primitivo manduria


Manduria DOP


Selection is the line of Schiena wines that aims at excellence.
We choose only the highest quality products, grapes are strictly selected and our production process can assure you excellent standards of quality.
They are wines for real experts.

angioino primitivo manduria


Manduria DOP

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