The Schiena Vini project was started in 1991 by Giuseppe Schiena, born and raised in a family of winegrowers. In 1993 he bought 30 hectares of vineyards in the countryside of Francavilla Fontana, known as the "Land of the Imperials".

The Story

After the immediate success of the first wines he wished to invest on production, widening the wine offer and grapes variety.

Today the company produces both red and white wines. Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes make red wines with a remarkable structure and aromatic complexity. Chardonnay, Malvasia Bianca and Fiano grapes, on the other hand, make white wines with a distinct freshness and minerality.

The Philosophy

Perfect and fragrant grapes is a must for high quality wines. This is the reason why our company puts the utmost care and attention into the management of the vineyards.

Schiena's estate works almost 360 days a year using eyes, hands, mind and heart. This extreme devotion makes it possible to obtain healthy fragrant grapes without using chemicals. Harvesting is held only and rigorously by hand.

The company's eco-friendly attitude is also reflected into the choice of lightweight bottles, as well as the limited use of sulphur dioxide.

The Territory

The vineyards are located in the countryside of Francavilla Fontana, in the North of Salento. The soils are medium-textured lime rich soils, with some emerging rocks; the area benefits from an ideal microclimate for the development of highly coloured and perfumed grapes.

We are in the Trulli area, where the intense sun warms and concentrates the fruit’s flavour, whilst the nights provide cool and delicate fragrances.



Our product line Innovation is our way to look to the future, to focus on improvement day by day, bringing innovation in each sip of wine.
A genuine, pleasant and easy to drink wine, that knows how to conquer both young wine-lovers and experts.
alba chiara malvasia bianca

Alba Chiara

Malvasia Bianca
Salento IGP
rugiada chardonnay


Salento IGP
tre compari primitivo

Tre Compari

Salento IGP
enneoro negroamaro


Salento IGP


Tradition is our way to talk about our origins by a glass of wine.
The origins of a land rich in history and culture. A land lived by ancient population that left their traces in centuries of history.
Traces that now we can find in the harmony of smells and colours of these wines.

Il Castellano

Puglia IGP


Negroamaro Rosato
Salento IGP


Salice Salentino DOP


Primitivo di Manduria DOP


Selection is the line that focuses on excellence.
Only the highest quality of products, selected grapes and high level of production processes for a wine of high quality.
A wine just for connoisseurs.


Primitivo di Manduria DOP